Wednesday, 7 October 2009

It's a team effort!

To become a top Digital Agency is not a one-man job. It takes time, planning, experience and most importantly a great team!

Nobody is perfect and not all ideas are good ones. That’s why working together within a Digital Agency is essential. When we receive a project brief we all sit down, discuss, debate and throw ideas about until we have all agreed on the right way of doing something. We can only start the planning process once we are 100% happy with our internal project specification.

After the full plan has been agreed internally we submit our proposal to the client. Our proposal is so important, it's a living, breathing brief of the project. It's essential everybody understands it and knows exactly what is expected in the final delivery.

The Kick Interactive team is split into 5 key areas; management, design, front-end development, back-end development and marketing. Every area of the company has a specific role and each member of the team is an expert in their particular area.

Firstly our designers are given the job of creating a clean, professional looking, pixel perfect design that meets the client’s specification. The design is passed to the client to review and provide us with feedback. We tweak and alter the design where needed until it is exactly right, only then do we pass it to the technical designers.

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